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Thursday, June 10, 2010 – Happy Birthday, Mom!

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Transformers 3: 3D Release Confirmed, Villain And Plot Details Revealed, The End Of The Trilogy [via Slash Film]


FBI Opens Investigation Into iPad AT&T Security Breach [via Geekosystem]
iPad Makes Itself Right At Home Inside Macintosh Classic [via Engadget]
Kodak Is Bringing Facebook To CVS [via NYT]


Play Zelda ll As A First Person Shooter [via Kotaku]
Best Zombie Apps [via UGO]
Mooorrrtttaaalll Kooommmbbbaaattt (The Game This Time) [via Topless Robot]


Holy @#$^, There’s Going To Be A Supernatural Anime [via Topless Robot]
Michael Bay Admits Transformers 2 Was Flawed, Promises Transformers 3 Will Bounce Back. Really. No, Really [via io9]
Superman Celebration Kicks Off Today [via Comic Book Resources]
The A-Team Reworked: The Opening Scene You Won’t See [via MTV]


Why Does Google Have A Background? [via NewsFeed]
New York Times Bans The Word ‘Tweet’ [via The Awl]
Christopher Nolan To Shoot Batman 3 Starting In March 2011 [via Slash Film]
Green Hornet Trailer To Debut This Month [via MTV Splash Page]
John August To Write Monsterpocalypse For Tim Burton? [via Slash Film]


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