Up, Up and Away: 10 Non-Superman Supermen

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The 32nd Superman Celebration is happening right now in Metropolis, Ill. For the last three decades, the Midwestern town that shares the name of Superman’s adopted city has honored the Last Son of Krypton with parades, costume contests and *gasp* Kryptonite making contests. This year, Noel Neill–who played Lois Lane in the 1950s television show–will be honored with a statue in Metropolis and stars from Smallville will be showing up to chat with fans.

The folks who flock to Metropolis know how powerful a symbol the Man of Steel can be. Sometimes, you can celebrate Superman without the Superman. With a mixture of snarkiness and homage, comics publishers and other entities who aren’t DC Comics have generated characters who riff off of the world’s first superhero. Some of these caped do-gooders come so close you might even say, “I can’t believe it’s not Kal-El!” Here’s ten super-strong heroes that owe a debt to Jor-El & Lara’s only child.