Jedi In Training: My Midi-chlorian Count Is Low

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The response to Allie’s Trekkie In Training journey has been overwhelming. So it got me thinking about whether or not you’re just as enthusiastic about Star Wars as you are about Star Trek. I hope you are.

I have a deep love for the original trilogy. As a kid, I watched it almost every weekend. But I never read the comics or the books that filled the void until the new trilogy was released. I did not enjoy Episodes I-III, but that’s a conversation for a later time. I’ve never seen an episode of The Clone Wars, The Clone Wars movie or Clone Wars. Bounty Hunter for the PS2 might be the only Star Wars game I’ve played for an extended period of time. The Force Unleashed was never unleashed in my presence and now I’m itching to play it after seeing the newest TFU2 trailer.

So, readers, I’m asking for a little help here. Where do I begin my Jedi training? Which books and/or comics should I start with? What about the video games and TV shows? Help me Techland reader, you’re my only hope.