Vuvuzela: There’s An (Incredibly Annoying) App For That

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Watch The World Cup in a public space and eventually someone will ask, “What’s that awful noise?” (Hint: It’s not The Swarm come to life.)

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The sound that’s keeping your television on mute is actually the vuvuzela, a plastic horn popular with South African soccer fans. Incredibly annoying and relevant to pop culture? Of course, there’s an app for that. The best worst part? It’s free.

The Vuvuzela 2010 iPhone app has already been downloaded more than 750,000 times since its debut in May and has made the iTunes top downloads list in parts of Europe. Got an iPad or iPod Touch? It’ll work for you, too.

My advice: Download at your own risk and proceed with caution. I’ve only heard those things through a television and was nearly compelled to throw something.

[via CNET]