E310: In Which Wil Wheaton Spends The Day With Us

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While running from our Square Enix meeting to LucasArts (since, you know, we don’t have the luxury or budget to send more than two people to the largest video games expo in North America, so we literally have to run from meeting to meeting), Evan and I ran into Wil Wheaton. Actually, I didn’t even see Wil until Evan stopped me and asked if Wil was really Wil. Turns out that it was Wil Wheaton and he ended up tagging along with us while we went from meeting to meeting. It was pretty epic.

The first stop on our journey was LucasArts to check out Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and The Old Republic. Both are phenomenal titles so don’t be surprised to see one or both of them on our “Best of E310” list tomorrow but that’s neither here nor there. While the three of us were walking over (you can’t force Wil Wheaton to run!), Evan mentioned to Wil that we were meeting with Sam Witwer aka Starkiller to which Wil asked if it was the same Sam Witwer from BSG. The stars were aligned and fate was on our side because Sam had sent Wil an e-mail some time ago thanking him for being the inspiration to start acting. Wil was so “gobsmacked” by the e-mail that he never responded and we were about to bring them together.

Needless to say, Wil was a hit at the LucasArts booth and the guys working on Moneky Island even gave him a limited edition voodoo doll! Sam and Wil geeked out for a while before we all sat down to watch the Betrayal trailer and demo of TFU2. I’m giddy for TFU2 to come out and I haven’t even played the first one yet! The TOR cinematic trailer that debuted the other day blew both Wil and me away. Watch it. But neither of us are into MMOs.

After LucasArts and a round of photographs, we made our way to Warner Bros. to check out Mortal Kombat. A job well done by the team at WBIE on such an iconic throwback fighter in case you’re wondering. With time running out, I dragged Wil over to the Disney booth to check out Tron: Evolution while Evan stayed to check out FEAR. Even though I had already demoed Tron earlier in the day, I couldn’t shut up about how cool it was, so I was a bit nervous for Wil to try it out. Suffice it to say, he liked it.

And with that, the expo was starting to close down, so Wil and I parted ways. Yesterday was easily one of the greatest days in nerd history.