Logitech Names Its Google TV Box ‘Revue’

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Google TV will be here in the fall and hardware partners are hard at work on their own set-top boxes. Logitech’s box has just been officially named “Revue,” though few details beyond the name have been revealed.

The idea is that you’ll purchase the Revue box and then use your Android phone or iPhone to run a remote controller app with similar features to Logitech’s line of Harmony universal remotes. It looks like an actual remote control will be included with the box, too, “combining a compact keyboard, remote control, and touchpad.” Logitech’s also planning an HD video conferencing camera that can be used with Google TV as well.

While the release date’s been given a loose “fall” timeframe, the price tag has remained much more elusive. It doesn’t appear that Logitech’s box has any internal storage, so assuming it’s little more than a box that provides the user interface and internet connection, I’d venture a guess that it might (should) cost under $50 if they want to sell the things. The fancy remote that’s going to come with the Revue actually sounds like it might add a bit to the price but, who knows, maybe they’ll sell a version without a remote for people with compatible smartphones.

Here’s a quick video explaining Google TV, if you’re interested:

via AndroidCentral.com

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