Panel of the Week 6/16/10

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Welcome back to Panel of the Week, where we pull out some of the most noteworthy scenes from this week’s comic book haul. This week features the murdering of a Russian’s left arm, the passing on of a Super artifact, a holy hero accepting her fate, super hero copyright infringement, and the resurrection of some of the greatest slang since “boss”. Let’s get started.

New Mutants #14
There have been 11 chapters so far in “Second Coming” and things have generally gone from bad to worse throughout. There was a spark where Legion shows up with Xavier and starts shredding Nimrods but other than that the order of the day is murdering third strings and grievously injuring the starters. Case in point, Colossus has his arm broken while all steeled up and for some reason it’s the most brutal injury of the whole series.

Superman Batman Annual #4
As much as I don’t like the character of Terry McGinnis I very much like the world of Batman Beyond. The Jokerz gang, the technology, hell the flying cars, it’s a version of Gotham that I want to know more about. Which is why I’m not surprised that I liked this future version of Metropolis. It simply resembles Gotham. Although I think I’ve had enough of future DC timelines where the Man of Steel is impotent. Batman has a damn Iron Man suit at this point and Supes still thinks he needs his stupid Jimmy Olson brand decoder watch? Why not a Captain Planet ring while you’re at it?

Magdalena #2
Plot rule numero uno for the stereotypical hero is that she be a reluctant hero. Sure, Patience will stop the son of satan but dammit, she’s going to do it on her terms. She all but slams her badge and gun down on her captain’s desk and storms off. It’s ok though, it leads to the wardrobe change and grand entrance splash page we see here. ‘Bout time. Hopefully, this will mean no more gratuitous ‘bloomer’ shots like we saw earlier during the dinner battle.

New Avengers #1
Do Hulk and the Thing know that Luck Cage is stealing their material? I just can’t see Cage pulling this move off. Don’t you need, like, whopping gamma or stone hands to really do this? Luke should stick to punching the ground to cause localized earth quakes or whatever. Or the chain. Where’s the chain?

Walking Dead #73
Yes, Abraham, yes! Let’s bring back numb nuts. I’m not sure when this particular bit of solid-gold slang hit its high water mark but certainly it’s been on the slide for several years. The term doesn’t even make any sense when you think about it. That’s it, I’m going to use it in a sentence today.

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