E310 Exclusive: First Look At Star Wars: Trench Run 2.0

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THQ Wireless and Infrared 5 are set to unleash a new force in an upcoming update to Star Wars: Trench Run for the iPhone. In an exclusive demo, Infrared 5 shows us Trench Run 2.0 with Brass Monkey SDK integration. Brass Monkey is a patent pending technology from Infrared 5 that connects multiple devices over a Wi-Fi network.

In this particular case, Brass Monkey allows any Star Wars: Trench Run 2.0 owner to play Trench Run on the Web using their iPhone as a controller. Fire up Trench Run on the Web here and connect your iPhone to the network and BAM, you’re controlling one of number of ships from the Star Wars universe with your iPhone.

From what I’ve been told, Apple hasn’t even seen this version of the game yet. Yeah, we’re that special. Version 2.0 will be an in-app purchase for an additional $0.99.