Settlers of Catan in Development for Microsoft Surface Machines

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Hmmm, where to find a quick $12,500? Looks like my love for the Settlers of Catan will soon necessitate the purchase of a big, fat, expensive computer-infused table running Microsoft Surface.

According to CNET, an early Surface version of Catan will be shown off at the Origins Game Fair in Ohio this week with the finished version reportedly coming in August. Here’s a quick video of it in action:

The actual board game itself is far less expensive at around $30 and requires roughly the same amount of space as the Surface version but we all know that playing board games on a touch-sensitive table housing a built-in computer is… the… FUTURE.

Of note, there’s apparently an iPad version of Catan in the works. That might be a nice compromise if you’re looking for an expensive way to play the game short of shelling out more on a Surface table than you would for a cheap car.

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