Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

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Happy? Monday? Here are some hand picked tech deals to help you ease your way into the work week. The aforementioned Nook Wi-Fi is a downright steal at $149, you can upgrade to Windows 7 Professional for $30 if you’re a student (or have a working .edu e-mail address–wink, wink), and Amazon is selling 90 phones for a penny with a two-year contract. Enjoy.

Barnes & Noble Nook 3G Drops to $199, New Nook Wi-Fi at $149Barnes & Noble Nook Wi-Fi: $149 (

The e-book war is in full effect with Barnes & Noble’s affordable Wi-Fi Nook for $149. The 3G version has dropped to $199 as well. Ball’s in your court, Amazon.

IN2010PDell 20-inch LCD Monitor: $90.98 (

Finding a 20-inch monitor for under $100 is a good deal any day of the week. Dell’s got one for $91 with a 1600×900 resolution. What’s the catch? The only input is VGA.

win7upgrade Windows 7 Pro Upgrade: $29.99 for students (

You must have a college e-mail address. Sometimes alumni addresses work, too, if you catch my not-a-student-anymore drift.

bold Penny Phones: One cent (Amazon Wireless)

Amazon’s got 90 phones available for a penny with a two-year contract. Many of them are smartphones, too, from the likes of BlackBerry, HTC, Palm, Samsung, Nokia, and more.

x205 Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset: $3.99 (Woot)

Selling elsewhere for $20 and up, has the Xbox 360 compatible Motorola X205 headset for $3.99, today only.

tivo Refurbished TiVo Boxes: From $29.99 (

If you’re not sold on HD for some reason, TiVo’s selling refurbished dual-tuner Series2 boxes for just $29.99. There’s an HD XL box for $179.99, too.

seagate Seagate 1.5TB Hard Drive: $75.99 (Amazon)

Today only, Amazon is selling the 1.5-terabyte Seagate Barracuda SATA desktop hard drive for $75.99, down $19 from the regular price.

dynex Dynex 32-inch TV with DVD: $399.99 (Best Buy)

A 32-inch TV for under $400 is pretty good to begin with. This one has a built-in DVD player as well. It’s only 720p but that can be our little secret since most people can’t tell the difference.

hpmonitor HP 20-inch Monitor: $103 (OfficeMax)

If you like the idea of that $91 Dell monitor but you want a digital input, OfficeMax has a similarly spec’d HP monitor with both DVI and VGA connections for $103.

games Video Game Bundles: Two for $20, Two for $30 (Walmart)

Nintendo DS 2-for-$30 or 2-for-$20, Nintendo Wii 2-for-$30, Xbox 360 2-for-$30, PS3 2-for-$30, PSP 2-for-$25, PS2 2-for-$20 or 3-for-$20. Certain games only.