Tron, Epic Mickey Controllers to Light Up Your Life Later This Year

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Video games get a lot of accessories. Controller cozies, charging stations, cable extenders. All too often, this crap doesn’t function not to mention it can look awful.

PDP’s looking to buck that trend with their new controllers for two upcoming Disney games. The game accessory manufacturer will be rolling out some sweet-looking controllers to tie into Tron: Evolution and Epic Mickey.  For the latter game, they’ll be offering a nunchuk shaped as Mickey’s paranormal paintbrush. The gorgeous sculpt retains full functionality and has a soft tip for safety. The brush’s companion piece will be a Wii-mote charger that portrays Mickey and the game’s big bad, The Evil Blot. Blot’s face lights up and the Mickey figure can be removed from the base.

The Tron controllers aren’t quite as radically different from first-party controllers, but offer rubber grips and illuminated accents for that cyber-futuristic feel. Now, if only they had a light-up disc… then I could de-rez fools at will.


Both sets of accessories will be available later this year, ahead of each game’s individual release.