Androideroids: Multiplayer Asteroids Uses Android Phones

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Oh my, this looks nice. Developer Grant Skinner has created Androideroids, which is basically a version of Asteroids with support for up to eight players over a local network. Players use their Android phones to control their space ships and can shoot each other along with the asteroids.

The coolest part is that the entire game plays out on a big screen TV or monitor while each player’s Android phone shows a first person view of his or her ship floating through space and blasting stuff.


According to Skinner:

“Androideroids is a prototype multiplayer Asteroids game in which each player uses an Android phone as their game controller. Player’s can see a top down view of the game on the main screen (which could be a PC, TV, or projected in a public space), and a first person view with their health and score on their phone. Player specific sounds are played on the phone, whereas general sounds are played on the host.”

Here’s a demo video:

The game is still in development and requires Adobe AIR to run the big-screen version. Needless to say, if and when it becomes publicly available, you could spend all 48 hours of a weekend with this one. At least.

via Engadget

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