Jimmy Kimmel Films Entire Episode On MacBook After Power Outage

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What a tech MacGyver.

After a power outage occurred on the Jimmy Kimmel Live set just one hour before the show was scheduled to be taped, Kimmel improvised, filming the entire show with his MacBook’s webcam. The episode, with guests Seth Rogen, John Henson and Dierks Bentley, will air tonight on ABC.

But why use his laptop? It’s interesting that we’ve become so inherently connected to a few go-to gadgets that they become our first thought when something stumps us. “I suppose, if I’d thought it out better, I could have taken a video camera and done the same thing,” Kimmel told The New York Times. But mostly, we don’t think. Being so used to grabbing for that friendly laptop, it’s no wonder Kimmel reached for his trusty Mac before opting to run out to the nearest Best Buy for hand held cameras. (That, or Apple has really gotten into gorilla advertising.)