Superman Gets Grounded, Comes To Your Hometown (Maybe)

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Starting with Superman #700 – released today – DC Comics’ Man of Steel will give up the jetset lifestyle to walk across America and try and reconnect with humanity, thanks to the efforts of new writer J. Michael Straczynski. But if you’re wondering what makes that any different from his many other attempts to get in touch with humanity, then here’s the unexpected bit: He might end up in your hometown, if you want it badly enough.

Well, want it badly enough and happen to fit in with his itinerary, that is. DC is launching a new contest called “Superman Across America” in which fans get the chance to invite Superman to their hometown, with the visit depicted during the year-long “Grounded” storyline in the Superman series. All they have to do to enter is live within 50 miles of the already-announced layovers on the trip (Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle) and write a 75-1000 word essay on what makes their home so great by the middle of next month (You can find the full rules here).

As a Portlandite, I’m already looking forward to seeing what the Man of Tomorrow gets up to while in town. I’m hoping for a visit to the Waffle Window and maybe hanging out in Powell’s for a bit, seeing if Lois’ novels have been remaindered yet. Maybe rescuing a cat from a tree or something if he gets bored.

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