I Have A Zombie Audition

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AMC’s The Walking Dead production blogging has really piqued my interest in all of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a modern zombie film/TV show. A few weeks ago, AMC posted a video of its Zombie School, an undead finishing school for actors and extras chosen to be featured zombies for the show. It looked incredible. The amount of preparation, work, and pounds of make-up it takes to create a realistic zombie performance is intimidating.

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I kept thinking, Man, I’ve got to try that.

I searched for “zombie casting call, New York City” on a whim – and eureka! – I was in luck. A small film Zombie Chronicles: Infected Survivors is holding auditions tonight, and I’m ready to do my best limpy shuffle, which, I’m afraid isn’t saying much. (Actress, I am not.)

To prep, I called up The Walking Dead‘s zombie chief, Greg Nicotero, a special make-up effects supervisor who has worked on nearly every film franchise with a need for something gross or spooky (Sin City, Kill Bill, Scream and multiple Romero films). His advice was simple: It’s all in the walk.

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“Go to a bar at 2 a.m. and watch how people walk out the door because the whole thing about zombies are that their brain and their body are acting on two different plains,” he told me. “So when you see someone walking out of a bar and you think they’re walking straight but they’re really not because their body isn’t listening because there’s a disconnect.”

Wish me luck.

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