Why Is The Battery Life On My iPhone 4 So Bad?

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I may have a lemon.

Or that seems to be the general consensus among my close nerd friends on the Internet. Aside from the camera(s) and retina display, the iPhone 4 is supposed to have ridiculously long battery life. That is not the case with my particular review unit and it’s irritating.

No, I’m not having any reception issues or yellow discoloring. I simply cannot get my iPhone 4 to last longer than eight hours after a full charge. I’ve cycled it twice now and I’m still having battery life issues. I pulled it off the charger at 9:05 yesterday morning and by 4:30 in the afternoon I was at 13%. So what was I doing, you ask?

• One 2 minute phone call in Times Square (did not drop)
• No FaceTime sessions
• 3 Push e-mail accounts (Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo)
• Screen brightness at 50%
• No apps running in the background
• Sporadic Twittering (once every 45-60 minutes)
• Two minutes of the Flood-It! game on the subway
• 5 minutes of video playback
• No music playback
• No video recording
• 10 test photos
• 20-30 minutes of total web browsing
• 5 minutes of Google Maps usage
• 20-30 minutes of Wi-Fi connectivity
• No text messaging

So, yeah, I’m not really sure what the deal is. How’s your battery life?

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