First Official Trailer: The Social Network

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This first teaser trailer is just that – a tease. Void of any actual footage of upcoming film The Social Network, the trailer gives the impression that David Fincher’s Facebook origin film is more Kramer vs. Kramer than Ivy League go get ’em flick. Look at those descriptors: Punk, Genius, Prophet, Traitor, Billionaire? Where I’d give them genius (maybe) and billionaire (definitely), I’m seriously questioning the rest. Prophet? Really?

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Still, given that Facebook hit more than 500 million users this year, The Social Network (starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake) is rightfully creating a good amount of buzz, but is it buzz they can cling to until October 1st? The merits of those involved with the film make me believe it’s possible, but only if the next time they release something described as, “a trailer,” it really is one.