Comics on Our Pull List 6/30/10

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Every week we take some time to select some comics that we can’t wait to pick up. Here are five of those comics right here. Be sure to check back on Thursday for the Panel of the Week and Friday for the Comic Book Club.

Turf #2
I can’t even remember when Turf #1 came out. It’s been a while. In 1920’s New York a pack of vampires are running local gangsters out of town. That is until one gangster stumbles on an alien smuggler who just might help him even the score. Now that, everyone who might be taking notes, is how to set up a story. To say nothing of the fact that this book is gorgeous. You could wait for the trade on this one, I’m sure it will be worth it, but I can’t contain myself.

Invincible #73
At the end of last issue Invincible was shredded once again by Conquest. With the Viltrumite war series not even half over you have to wonder what Kirkman has in mind for the rest of the war. When Mark has been injured in the past he seemed to take a reasonable (for a superhero) amount of time to recover. I just can’t imagine that he would have the stones to leave the title character on the sidelines for the rest of the fight.

Wonder Woman #600
I can’t say I’ve been impressed with the other two thirds of the big three’s century mark issues. Batman and Superman #700 were both full of pinups and stock stories respectively. They underwhelmed. I’m not exactly up on my Wonder Woman but this is a big issue for any character. Fingers crossed.

Batman Beyond #1
We got a taste of the Batman Beyond world two weeks ago in the Batman Superman annual. We revisit Neo Gotham this week with Batman Beyond #1, hopefully this time without an aging Superman. I’m quite sure we’ll have to deal with loads more of Terry McGinnis but with any luck the story will remain Bruce-centric.

Invincible Iron Man Annual #1
This is the grand experiment, huh? For those not in the know, Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 will be available in stores as well as on the iPad on the same day. The digital version will cost about a buck more and is split into three parts but Marvel is testing the waters here. I do love what Fraction has been doing with Tony Stark lately though so I have hope that he can breathe some life into what I’ve always considered to be a very cornball villain. Ten magic rings, honestly.

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