Dan Goldman Talks Webcomics, Magic And Red Light Properties

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So where is the story going? Both literally and metaphorically… Is there a definite ending, or could the series continue indefinitely? And within the story itself, will there be answers to some of the questions that always seem as much part of the world’s status quo as potential dangling plot?

There is a definite end for Red Light Properties, but the series is flexible enough that I weave more stories into the tapestry as we take Jude and company towards that endpoint. I’ve currently got seven books on my list, with the first three novels being entirely written and the fourth knitting itself together while I try to ignore it.

I’m really viewing the entire series as a single story; there will certainly be questions answered and new ones raised, but some of the heavier things I’m only hinting at now will definitely come to the forefront and be slowly knit together into an emerging structure. The next volumes of the series will deal with Jude’s initiation into Santería, the true role of Rory Partch’s SFAP organization, and alternate ideologies involved in urban planning. I’ve been interested in metaphysical phenomena all my life, and this series is going to keep me working and happy for a quite a while longer before I hit THE END.

For those yet to experience Red Light Properties, start here. You can find out more about Dan Goldman at his website, and he invites you all to stalk him on Twitter at @dddangoldmannn. Yes, that’s three Ds and three Ns.

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