Free King’s Quest Fangame Available July 10th

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Goodbye, Summer. We had so many plans! I hate to cancel at the last minute, but I’ll be inside playing The Silver Lining from July 10th until further notice as part of the never-ending attempt to recapture my youth.

This isn’t your ordinary remake of an old Sierra game. This is an all-new story and game from an outfit called Phoenix Online Studios. Originally titled “Kings Quest IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining,” the game was initially killed by Activision/Vivendi, which owns the rights to the King’s Quest franchise.

Apparently the software giant had a change of heart a couple months ago and gave Phoenix Online the go-ahead to finish the game and release it under a non-commercial license with the title “The Silver Lining.” The team says they’ve been working on the game for eight years. Eight. Eight!

The Silver Lining’s story will be made up of nine total chapters, with the first two chapters being developed and released by Phoenix Online as individual episodes containing five episodes each. As of now, the company reportedly has no plans to develop chapters three through nine.  I get the feeling this is a huge project.

Here’s a look at the game’s trailer:

And some screenshots:

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And with that, I’ll see everyone in the fall. Have a nice summer.

via Slashdot

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