Hilarious New Web Series: F*#% Me, Robert Pattinson!

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The Twilight fervor is once again in full swing, which means the inevitable presence of Team Edward t-shirts and the media’s capitalization of the name Robert Pattinson. (Guilty: Edward Cullen, Loser, And Nine Other Worst Movie Characters Of All-Time) With the third installment of the franchise out today, vampire saturation is at an all time high (or is it an all time low?) and everyone’s got something snarky to say. (Vampires don’t glisten!) Still, much of the commentary has become passe.

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Why do we exhaust ourselves with more criticism of a teen romance film saga? Of course it’s ridiculous – or is it the fat pay off that really peeves us off? Either way, poking fun at the Twilight films has lost much of its magic. Making fun of the Twilight fans, however, has not. A new web series, F*#% Me, Robert Pattinson!, chronicles the mission of one Twihard who has uprooted to Los Angeles in hopes of seducing Twilight‘s biggest star. It’s funny because it’s true.

Disclaimer: This video contains strong adult language. (Probably NSFW.)