Dr. Demento Bows Out from Radioland for the Web

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It’s taken four decades of weird sounding radio for him to get it, but Dr. Demento is taking the sounds of garbled fish, dogs being chased down by lawn equipment and penchance to introduce characters like ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic to a web-only format.

The coast-to-coast syndicated show, based out of Southern California has been a mainstay of the goofy and nerdy for a couple generations now. But Demento (nee Barret Hansen) has decided to hang up his top hat and cape. The show will continue, however on his website www.drdemento.com, “for the forseeable future,” Demento said.

The radio hall-of-famer said the show had been losing money for a while and with his manager, he decided it was time to bow out and go web-only. Much of the material for the show comes from his personal music collection and ranges from wax cylinders to digital downloads. “I prefer to think of it as just transitioning to a new medium rather than it coming to an end,” he told the Associated Press.

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