Is Star Wars Headed Back To Theaters – Again?

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We’ve had the original Star Wars movies, the re-released, re-edited Special Editions, and then, slightly re-edited re-edits for the DVD release of the original trilogy. But are we about to get another new edition of George Lucas’ classic series?

BleedingCool’s Brendan Connelly noticed Lucasfilm sound engineers Matt Wood and David Acord talking about a 2007 remix of the audio of Star Wars on this week’s Forcecast podcast, in particular reference to Obi Wan’s roar:

And, to be honest, that sound effect has been changed again. So at some point the audiences will be hearing that scene again with the new sound effect.

“At some point”? What point would that be? Connelly suggests that this lends evidence to the rumor-that-will-not-die: That a 3D version of the original Star Wars movies is forthcoming (Hell, even George Lucas has said it’s happening). Which, as much as I dislike the continual tinkering with of movies, I am completely down with. While another 2D edit of the movies would seem like overkill for me, no matter what Obi Wan’s roar sounds like, bring on the 3D Sandpeople, Wampas and even Ewoks. I want to feel like Darth Vader is using the Force to strangle me… Well, someone just behind me, preferably.

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