Sony Lowers Price of ‘Daily Edition’ E-book Reader to $300

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For those of you keeping score in the Intergalactic Championship for Most Aggressively Priced Wireless Electronic Book Reader, Sony has recently made a bid to get back on the playing field by dropping the price of its “Reader Daily Edition” to $300.

The company faces stiff competition from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, who both now sell wireless-capable book readers for under $200. The Barnes & Noble Wi-Fi Nook looks especially tantalizing at $149 if you don’t need a full-on cellular connection.

So with the 3G Kindle priced at $189 and the 3G Nook priced at $199, what does the extra $100+ get you from Sony? A 7-inch touchscreen display, versus the 6-inch non-touchscreen displays on the Kindle and Nook.

The touchscreen also allows for pen-based notes taken using an included stylus and the Reader Daily Edition comes with “a built-in leather cover and portable zipper case.”

Sony also lowered the prices on its two non-connected readers: The Pocket Edition is now $150 and the Touch Edition is now $170, down from $170 and $200, respectively.

via PC World

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