Panel of the Week 7/8/10

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We all made it to Thursday this week. Congratulations everyone. Now it’s time for Panel of the Week. This week we’ve got terrifying Irishmen, Sookie’s worst nightmare, pro-level spooning, bat role reversal, and uvula abuse. It’s a full plate. Let’s get started.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10
Many a shrinking super hero has been forced to attack an evil doer’s face parts. It’s the nature of the business. The Wasp and the Atom were both known to fly into an ear in their day. The new Ant Man? He goes after uvula’s. Unbelievably the panel after this wasn’t the bad guy ralphing uncontrollably.

Demo vol. 2 #6
I love a tooth-ejecting right hook panel as much as the next guy but the line work of Becky Cloonan is haunting. Has anyone ever drawn a better spoon? This story worked a bit like a reverse Hancock (wow that sounds dirty), here the couple becomes fatally weak when one abandons the other. A fitting final chapter to a great volume.

Batman and Robin #13
I suspect that our very own Douglas Wolk is going to write a column about this issue of Batman and Robin (I knew it!). So I’ll leave the story analysis to him. Now, the gorgeous art of Frazer Irving falls squarely into Panel of the Week territory ( in fact his work on Return of Bruce Wayne has already appeared in these hallowed halls. ) The whole book is freaking breathtaking but this panel of Robin crowbarring the Joker made me stop and stare. I think it’s made even more powerful by not having a sound effect. The sound I imagine is sickening.

X-Men #1
It was only two weeks ago that I was impugning the canucklehead on being the best he is etc etc. Fortunately for him Marvel has jumped on the Vampire bandwagon and given him what will surely be a battalion of undead beasties that he can dismember, disembowel, and decapitate with girlish glee. Speaking of, whatever happened with his promise to kill every member of HYDRA and the Hand following Enemy of the State? No follow through, these X-Men today.

Shadowland #1
After Billy Tan did had his run on Batman and Robin I washed my hands of him. His style was not doing it for me. It was somehow detailed and loose at the same time. He portrayed action poorly. Then he walks into Shadowland and draws the scariest version of Bullseye I’ve ever seen. This Irishman could have been bleeding out of his eyes and I wouldn’t let him out of his restraints.

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