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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 – Happy Geekness Day!

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Peter Jackson Secretly Meeting With Hobbit Actors [The Hollywood Reporter]


Why Apple – Not Its Customers – Should Fix The iPhone 4 [Consumer Reports]
Verizon Wireless Summer Device Catalog Leaked [Boy Genius Report]
Consumer Report iPhone 4 Study Flawed [Bob Egan]
eBay Sued For $3.8 Billion In PayPal Patent Case [Reuters]
A Tricycle That Doubles As A Lawnmower [Boing Boing]


ESRB Accidentally Releases E-Mail Addresses Of Real ID Complainants [Joystiq]
Fort Wayne, Indiana, Do The Right Thing [Kotaku]
Halo: Reach Legendary Packaging Is Legendary [IGN]
First Shot: APB [Crispy Gamer]


Geeks: Smart, Harmless, Authentic, Exploited? [CNN]
A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Scott Pilgrim & The Real World [io9]
Predators Sequel Comic Preview [MTV Splash Page]
The Dark Starry Knight [The Daily What] End Your Crummy Relationship For Just $10 [NewsFeed]
The Fempire Strikes Back: More Star Wars Burlesque [Boing Boing]


Wanted Producer Teams With Palminotti, Young & Walmart On New Comic Line [Comic Book Resources]
Superman Auditions Underway With Jonathan Nolan Directing? [Slash Film]
Iron Man 2 DVD & Blu-ray Release Date Announced [MTV Splash Page]
Despicable Me Sequel In Development [Slash Film]
Laura Vandervoot (A.K.A. Supergirl) Returns To Smallville [EW]


Tweet, Tweet:

Nerdy Want:

My Little Slave Leia Pony [deviantART]

Your Daily Dinosaur:

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