Panel of the Week 7/14/10

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With each installment of Panel of the Week I try to do the whole wheat and chaff thing. Except with noteworthy scenes from this week’s new comics. You know what I mean. This week we’ve got Kryptonian grief counselors, Domino’s personal rule #34, fresh faces, Beyonce jokes, and a cop who loves his job. Let’s kick the tires.

Superman #701
This ended up being an unintentional discussion over in Comic Book Club but I figured i would at least get the panel up here so we could all see the scene in question. In short, Superman attempts to talk to a jumper but first she makes him promise that if she does jump he promises not to catch her. And he agrees! Discuss amongst yourselves, I don’t have the words.

X-Force: Sex and Violence #1
Look, it’s the end of Speed but instead of Keanu and Sandra it’s Logan and Domino. I hope they know that relationships born in extreme situations never… screw it. This is Logan. I’m not surprised any more. I bet he’s just waiting for Armor to turn 18.

Officer Downe
Did anyone else pick this one up? I saw it on the racks and I couldn’t look away. It’s got shades of Hard Boiled in both subject matter and style. The book even opens with these two words “Mother$%#@ing LA”. It stars a resurrectable, one dimensional, hyper violent cop that wakes up and just makes the donuts. I need a book like this, just one, every week.

The Man with the Getaway Face
If I have something to nitpick about in this book (which was the best thing I read this week) it’s that I don’t think plastic surgery had come this far by the early 60’s. Could a man like Parker, a career criminal hunted by the mob, truly go to a surgeon and get a new face? But then I thought, I read and review comics as part of my job. I professionally suspend disbelief. Then I merrily rolled around in the thick, gorgeous, two dollar card stock of this crime story.

Avengers Academy #2
You know what? I’m going to allow this Beyonce joke. But only because it’s at the expense of Hank Pym, perennial punching bag. No, he didn’t put a ring on Jocasta. Instead he put four human limbs on her and in doing so created the most awkwardly fetishized Real Doll ever cobbled together. Scientist Supreme indeed.

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