Avatar Heads Back To Theaters Aug. 27: Watch The New Trailer

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Because James Cameron really loves to make a huge pile of money even bigger, mega-hit Avatar is headed back into theaters in late August.

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If you remember, Cameron and FOX were pretty peeved after Avatar was kicked off of screens to make way for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, reportedly costing the film millions in added revenue. Before Alice, Avatar was still dominating in 4,215 North American theaters, plus 197 IMAX theaters. But after Wonderland, Avatar‘s count dropped to 667 theaters, and just eight IMAX theaters. In March, it was rumored that some 40-extra minutes of footage could be added before Avatar 1.5 hit screens Aug. 27, but official word is that only around 8 minutes of new material has been tacked on.

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In the new trailer, I can see a few new images, mainly Jake Sully and Neytiri frolicking among some new Pandora plants and Jake taking a look inside a building. (The school? I’m only guessing.) That’s great and all, but it doesn’t give us what we really want. Bring on the Na’vi sex scene, Cameron.

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