Comics on Our Pull List 7/21/10

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Some of us are leaving for San Diego today. There’s that thing out there. I guess. Have no fear I will man my post at the local comic shop here in Gotham. Here are a handful of comics that I will be picking up tomorrow (and one I might have to run out and get today.)

Dark Wolverine #88
Anyone who has been following the FrankenCastle story line over in Punisher is well aware of how Frank ended up in pieces in a New York City sewer. It was thanks to Wolverine’s very own morally ambiguous son, Daken. Now it’s time for round two only this go around Frank is an undead monster with metal bits. Ding, ding.

The Vanishing Point #1 The Return of Bruce Wayne
This should be interesting. Vanishing is a companion series to the Return of Bruce Wayne books. It’s from the point of view of Supes, GL, and Booster Gold as they search the imploding time stream for Batman. Before it’s too late, I presume. I’m still not sold on this Bruce is a literal time bomb plot but Return has been good so far (not to mention beautiful) so maybe some more insight is just what I need.

Walking Dead #75
I think I’m starting to repeat myself here with Rick and the gang. I thought for sure that last issue the lid was going to blow off this nice little community. But it didn’t happen. So maybe this milestone-ish issue will be the one. The survivors have become this group of people that just can’t sit still anymore. Rick least of all. I can’t wait to see how Lefty screws this one up.

Amazing Spider-Man #638
Is this exciting? What more do we need to know about what has been the worst Spider-Man story arc since Sins Past? Not to mention that the solicitation carries Marvel’s biggest red flag: the events will have an impact on “the course of Spider-Man’s life for years to come”. Promise of long lasting change is not a good sign.

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour vol. 6
As if you needed me to tell you this but as of posting this list you can go out and buy volume six right now. It officially hit stores today (7/20). With six evil exes down it’s time for Scott versus Gideon. But wait, you might say, didn’t Ramona walk out in volume 5? Why is Scott still fighting the good fight? I guess we’ll find out.

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