Giveaway: Roger Corman’s Forbidden World & Galaxy Of Terror On DVD

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In the horror landscape, B-movie mania at its best points right to Roger Corman. His oddball approach to cheesy creature features and unnecessary nudity have become a comfy oasis somewhere between horror and campville. The deaths are messy, the sex is unexplained and the situation is always dire.

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Today, two Corman Classics, Forbidden World (1982) and Galaxy Of Terror (1981) are out on DVD for the first time. Where Forbidden World gives us bio-engineered creatures run a muck on a space station, Galaxy Of Terror delivers nasty kills a la monsters on a mysterious planet. Galaxy is most certainly the more memorable of the two, mostly out of a surprisingly effective creepy crawly factor, with leading lady Erin Moran (Joanie from Happy Days) and behind the scenes involvement from Bill Paxton and James Cameron, the latter of whom though just a production designer, is boasted on the cover of the film like he was behind the whole shebang to begin with. (Still, it’s a nice thought indeed to imagine that somehow space gore had an influence on the highest grossing film of all time.)

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The films, out today on DVD and Blu-Ray, both contain bonus features including commentary, original set sketches, interviews and unrated versions, and we’ve got a copy of each (regular DVD only) to give away. Leave a comment on this post by 5 p.m. (ET) Wednesday. Let me know what your favorite campy horror flick is, and why. Tacky amounts of blood welcome.