Interview: Curt Schilling Talks 38 Studios’ “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”

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So you have kind of assembled a Murderers’ Row of creatives —


Hey, I’m a nerd but I know a little sumthin’ sumthin’! Seriously, though, with the guys you have working on this, do you ever get veto power? Do you ever get to act like you are the boss?

Curt Schilling: Yeah, I do, but, honest to God, I haven’t used the veto yet, I don’t think I ever will. You don’t have to, when you build the right team and everybody understands what’s going on. For something to get to me to have to say “Absolutely not!”, a lot of failure has to happen for things to get to that. With our team, I’m not worried about that. I am done thinking and believing I am a game designer. I ‘m like the billion other gamers: I’ve got great ideas! But, put those ideas on paper and it’s like, “that sucks!” My job now is to maintain the culture at 38 Studios and to keep the strength of the team in place as we move forward and as we grow and as we realize what we are executing on.

Mark Nelson: He downplays it, but Curt is savvy about games. He is not just a gamer, like he knows the ins and outs of how they work.

Curt Schilling: These guys would never tell me this when I send them a design email by the way.

Mark Nelson: If we read them, we might, but —

[Much laughter]

Curt Schilling: I am going to start sending my design emails with a return receipt. Come on!

Mark Nelson: But we do trust where he is coming from, like this is a guy who has been a gamer for a long time. We have got to know our audience, and in many ways Curt represents that.

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