Live: Tron: Legacy Press Conference

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Disney’s Tron: Legacy press conference will be getting underway at 10AM PT. We don’t have the best Internet connection so updates will be intermittent. Check back soon.

10:07AM PT – Looks like they’re a little behind. The cast still isn’t here.

10:22AM PT – We’re still waiting.

10:25AM PT – First question is for the new actors to the franchise and their experiences with it. Hedlund just said the first time he’d seen Tron was in 2002.

10:28AM PT – The story is focused on the Flynns, which is why certain characters weren’t brought back in the sequel.

10:30AM PT – Newer generation 3D cameras were used in the filming of Tron: Legacy than the ones James Cameron used for Avatar.

10:34AM PT – Bridges says he’s heard rumors of a Tron sequel for 20 years and eventually gave up on it until Disney was satisfied with the script.

10:38AM PT – We’re in a vortex and the Internet connection is terrible here. We’ll post audio from the press conference a little later today.

10:42AM PT – Joe Kosinski says Daft Punk has been on board since before visual effects tests were done. They’re big fans of Tron. Music was being produced even before filming began. They’re still in the studio finishing up the score.

10:46AM PT – Jeff Silver says the Sony F35 is a “cumbersome beast” to shoot with.

10:49AM PT – We’re finishing up, folks. We’ll get the audio up in just a bit.

10:49AM PT – “What was it like wearing the iconic suits?” Wilde: “It was amazing.” Sheen: “It was amazing to see Olivia wear the suit.” Boxleitner: “All we had were spandex and magic markers.”

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