“Report Threats” Posters Tease Los Angeles Alien Invasion

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First movie to try to claim this year’s District 9 viral buzz at San Diego Comic-Con? That’ll be Battle: Los Angeles, an upcoming Columbia Pictures science fiction film that’s placed mysterious posters around town, directing con-goers to a website called ReportThreats.org, which purports to be the site of W.A.T.C.H., or Worldwide Assessment of Threats Concerning Humankind, a group tracking alien visitations throughout the 20th century – each one of which receives its own individual poster around town. The most recent of these threats? Well, apparently, that’s Los Angeles in 2011… which just so happens to be the year in which Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and others fight off an alien invasion in Jonathan Liebesman’s “Blackhawk Down meets Independence Day” movie, released… well, in 2011, of course.

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“They Are Watching Us. We Must Watch Them,” says the site. Columbia’s clearly hoping that the alternate history of alien visits will make sure that we must watch the movie, as well.

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