Comic Book Fans vs. Westboro Baptist Church

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It’s the same old story: Pop culture convention picketed by religious fundamentalists, religious fundamentalists picketed in return by attendees of pop culture convention to such an extent that they disappear, tails between legs. When members of the Westboro Baptist Church followed through on their threat to picket San Diego Comic-Con for worshipping false idols, it’s unlikely that they expected to find themselves faced with a counter protest, with chants including “What do we want?” “Gay sex!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”, t-shirt slogans including “Superman loves fags” and placards that said things like “God Loves Gay Robin,” “God Hates Jedi,” and my personal favorite, “The Cylons Destroyed 12 Colonies For Your Sins.”

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In the face of such nerd uprising, the Baptist Church protesters disappeared long before their scheduled forty-five minutes were up. Even in real life, sometimes, the good guys win.

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