First Footage and Sneak Peek: Young Justice Animated Series

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The first look at the next big DC Comics/Warner Bros. Animation superhero series rolled out today at Comic-Con. Previously leaked and announced earlier this year, Young Justice uses the Peter David and Todd Nauck series from the late ’90s as its jumping-off point. But the teaser video seems to suggest that there’ll be a fair amount of departure from that book. Some characters have updated to their modern looks like Superboy and Kid Flash/Impulse, joined by other characters who were closely tied to the series like Arrowette. Of course, Miss Martian wasn’t part of the team but she and the all-new Aqualad are welcome additions.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The other part of the vid that surprised and pleased me was that there’ll be an integral role for the characters’ Justice League mentors in the show. I’d sorta figured that the teen heroes would be operating in their own little bubble universe, but it’s exciting to see that they’ll be part of a larger framework.

Overall, the show looks like a pastiche of different riffs on the “teenager superhero” idea. As someone who loved the Justice League series and enjoyed Teen Titans Go!, I’m stoked. Sound off, readers, what teen DC characters do you want to show up? Me, I’m hoping for Blue Beetle, Firestorm or Captain Marvel, Jr.