Live: Green Lantern Panel

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Warner Bros. trifecta (GL, Potter, Sucker Punch) of panels is under way with Green Lantern up first. LA Times’ Geoff Boucher is moderating the panel and like the true geek that he is, Boucher recited the Green Lantern oath.

I’m surprised the cast is here considering the impending storm that’s about to hit Louisiana.

After a brief snippet of footage, the cast and crew are now on stage.

In said footage, we see Hal Jordan punch an alien’s lights out with a construct fist with a voice over by Sinestro, “focus your willpower on the green orb in front of you, it will begin to glow.”

Reynolds remarks that he drew inspiration for Hal Jordan from Han Solo and Chuck Yeager. Yeager, really?

Kilowog, Salaak, Bzzt and other Lanterns will be in the movie.

There’s roughly three weeks left of shooting.

Hal’s suit has not been finalized, so what we saw on the cover of Ent Weekly is not the finished product.

Now onto to the Q&A portion of the panel. Connection is being wonky inside the hall.

Parallax will be making an appearance, says Reynolds.

Reynolds just gave away his ring to one lucky fan in the audience.

Green Lantern panel is now over.

(See EW’s exclusive gallery of celeb portraits from the EW lounge and video from their panels here.)

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