Avengers Unite! Euphoric Notes From The Marvel Studios Panel, Surprises Abound

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After being delayed 45 minutes due to a face stabbing, the Marvel Studios panel opened with a teaser trailer from Captain America: The First Avenger. The crowd in Hall H then erupted when Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Joe Johnston took the stage.

Johnston remarked that the film will focus on the origin of Captain America and Evans went on to say that shooting has been “a thrill.” Considering they’ve only been filming for eight days now, I’d imagine donning the Captain America costume would be a thrill. Weaving noted that he’s basing the voice of Red Skull on Werner Herzog. Executive Producer Kevin Feige went on to say that Cap’s costume would be true to the period and that everything will take place in the 40s. Another clip was shown that was shot just a few days ago of Weaving pre-Red Skull.

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Thor director Kenneth Branagh and the rest of the cast swapped in after Cap and Hemsworth said figuring out how to wield Mjolnir has been a challenge. Kat Denning quipped that no one cares about her character Darcy with little reaction from the crowd. Clark Gregg who plays SHIELD agent Phil Coulson apparently had no idea he’d be crossing over into Thor from Iron Man. He went on to say that the end of IM2 was baffling since he had no idea what Mjolnir was. A clip was shown in 3D showing both Asgard and Earth and how Thor came to Earth.

Feige revealed towards the end of the panel that Frank Castle will be back and he’s to be reintroduced into the Marvel Universe very soon. There was no mention of Ruffalo being cast as Bruce Banner. Wolverine, however, will not be making an appearance alongside Cap because of a deal with Fox.

And then it all ended with a teaser for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers assembling on stage: Nick Fury (Jackson), Black Widow (Johansson), SHIELD Agent Coulson (Gregg), Thor (Hemsworth), Captain America (Evans), Hulk (Ruffalo confirmed), Hawkeye (Renner) and Iron Man (Downey Jr.).

Avengers is set to be released in 2012. Thor hammers its way into theaters May 6, 2011. Captain America: The First Avenger will hit theaters July 22, 2011.

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