Favreau Delivers the Goods With Cowboys & Aliens

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Our friends at io9 caught the Universal panel that included footage from Jon Favreau’s upcoming Cowboys & Aliens and they’re pretty enthusiastic about it claiming it to be the “best thing you’ll see next summer.” Head on over for an overview of what was shown earlier today.

Pointing at Zeke, Woodrow says, “That’s the son of a bitch who stole my gold.” He wants to snatch Zeke out of the carriage right that minute to find out where his gold is, but he’s interrupted when the horizon begins to glimmer with lights. It’s a very Close Encounters-esque looking UFO, which zooms toward the town, fragments into several ships which disappear, then reappear directly overhead, shooting blue lasers and blowing up the town house by house. Fires erupt from windows, people run screaming (including Sam Rockwell), and the jail carriage is knocked over. Zeke and the kid scramble out and we see Zeke’s wristband has grown to cover his lower arm. It’s also glowing blue. He aims it at the ships, and shoots out a beam of light that brings one down in a haze of dust and fire.

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