Apple Outs New 27-inch Display, New Mac Pros, Magic Trackpad, Updated iMacs

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Apple intends to remind us all today that it still makes computers. Remember Apple computers? They’re like the iPhone but much, much bigger and faster.


We’ll start the showcase off with the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display at $999. It’s got a 2560×1440 resolution, built-in iSight camera, microphone, and speakers, a built-in USB hub, and Apple’s patented MagSafe power connector. Head over to your company’s graphic design department and strike up a conversation with the first person in a casual blazer and horn rimmed glasses you come across to find out more. Or click here. The new display will be available in September, although there’s no exact date yet.


Moving right along, we’ve got a new Mac Pro line with up to 12 processing cores. Twelve! They’ll be available in August (again, no exact date) and you’ll be able to custom order multiple quad core and 6-core Intel CPUs and, for the first time, add a 512MB solid state drive. Make that four. You can add up to four 512MB solid state drives. On the graphics end, you’ve got two Mini DisplayPort connections and a DVI port. Pricing will start at $2,499 for a quad core system and you’ll be able to customize your own rig with up to two 6-core processors. Don’t ask about Blu-ray. There is no Blu-ray.


And remember that leaked Magic Trackpad peripheral from back in early June? It’s real and it’s available now for $69. It’s basically a big MacBook Pro multitouch trackpad for use with a desktop Mac. Pinching, zooming, scrolling, swiping, it “connects to your Mac via Bluetooth” and can be used “in place of a mouse or in conjunction with one.”


Last but not least, Apple has updated its all-in-one iMac line with a 21.5-inch model starting at $1,199 and a 27-inch model starting at $1,699. They’re available now and pack Intel’s new-ish Core i3/5/7 processors, ATi graphics, LED-backlit displays (1920×1080 on the 21.5-inch, 2560×1440 on the 27-inch), and are compatible with the aforementioned Magic Trackpad.

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