Robocop Remake Is “Kaput”

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With MGM so broke that even James Bond has been put on enforced vacation, it should come as no surprise that the mooted Robocop reboot has been put back on the shelf as well. But, according to one anonymous source at Comic-Con 2010, this isn’t a temporary thing.

Moviehole quotes an anonymous source in MGM as saying that Darren Aronofsky’s planned Robocop movie is entirely dead, and not just because of the studio’s financial situation:

Gone. Kaput. Canceled. It was one of the first casualties… [Darren] has lost interest anyway, I believe. Think we’re all just going to have to be happy with the three RoboCop movies that are out there.

The movie, co-written by Aronofsky and Road to Perdition screenwriter David Self, was originally to have been released this year before being pushed to 2011 due to script delays, and then even further when Aronofsky’s attentions wandered elsewhere.

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