SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Drive Weighs the Same as a Penny

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I know what you’re thinking. When will these USB thumb drives finally shrink down to a manageable size?! They’re far too large! J/K all the way, they’re all super tiny nowadays.

But SanDisk has managed to up the ante a bit with its new Cruzer Blade drive, which the company says “is about the size of a standard paper clip and weighs approximately the same as a penny.”

So if you’ve been walking around with pennies and paper clips in your pocket shouting, “My kingdom for a USB drive that’s approximately the same size and weight of the contents in my pocket!” your ship has come in.

The drives are available now and range in size from 2GB to 16GB, priced between $14.99 and $77.99. Be careful not to lose them, swallow them, or toss them in the penny tray at your local convenience store by accident.

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