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Tuesday, July 28th, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Watch One Of The Decade’s Greatest Sci-Fi Movies, Primer, Free Online [io9]


iPad Owners Are Selfish Elites. Critics Are Independent Geeks. [Wired]
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Author First To Sell 1 Million E-Books Via Kindle [Mashable]
What The iPhone Jailbreaking Ruling Means [CNET]
When FourSquare Gets Creepy [Gizmodo]
Apple Magic Trackpad: First Hands-On [Engadget]


10 Reasons To Skip Starcraft 2 [UGO]
YouTube’s Hidden Snake Game Gives Your Something To Do While Your Video Loads [Urlesque]
Michael Jackson Zombie Moonwalks Away From Plants Vs. Zombies [Kotaku]
President Obama Featured In Madden NFL ‘ll [ESPN]


The Best Picture Of Chewbacca Riding A Giant Squirrel & Fighting Nazis You’ll Find Today [Geekosystem]
Google’s Master Plan: DO NOT ERASE [io9]
First Look: Penelope Cruz In Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [Slash Film]
Blake Lively Wants Scarlett Johansson To Teach Her To Fight [MTV]
Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Is Not A Superhero [MTV Splash Page]


Filmmakers React With Shock And Dismay To Scrapping Of UK Film Council [Deadline]
Eva Longoria Parker As Marvel’s Wasp? She Likes The Buzz [LA Times]
If Modern Family Wins The Emmy For Outstanding Comedy Series Sofia Vergara Will Run Naked Down Sunset Blvd. [The Daily What]
Paramount Pictures & Michael Bay Team For Bobby Glickert-Directed Alien Project [Deadline]


Tweet, Tweet:

Nerdy Want:

Your Daily Dinosaur:

Photo by CJ Lotz

Okay kids, story time. Once upon a time, we went to a park. We met a man named Laurent who was twisting up balloon animals.

He made us a dinosaur and a zombie. <3.

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