Amazon Announces New $139 Kindle

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Today Amazon announced a brand new Kindle that’s 21 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than the previous generation Kindle. It even has a revamped E-Ink display with a 20 percent faster refresh rate and 50 percent better contrast.

Internal memory has been bumped up to 4GB. Battery life has also been boosted up to a month with no connectivity and 10 days with. The keyboard and side buttons have also been tweaked. But the biggest news might be the two configurations that Amazon will release for the latest Kindle when it becomes available on August 27: $139 for a Wi-Fi only model and $189 for one with 3G (AT&T) in both graphite and white.

An experimental WebKit browser has also been added and while it’s a bit, well, experimental, the ‘article mode’ feature converts Web pages into an article format that makes Web browsing a bit less painful.

Press release after the jump.

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