Samsung Outs Wi-Fi Camera, Pocket Camcorder with Swiveling Lens

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Samsung’s $250 ST80 digital camera aims to make it easy to get your photos out into the wild as effortlessly as possible. The 14-megapixel point-and-shoot features a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can shuttle photos directly to e-mail addresses, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, or Photobucket. It also supports the DLNA standard, allowing you to send photos to any DLNA-compatible device (TVs, photo frames, computers, and more).

Other features include a 3x optical zoom, 3-inch touchscreen, and 720p video recording. The ST80 will be available in September.


Samsung also announced the $200 HMX-E10 pocket camcorder, capable of full 1080p video recording and featuring a 270-degree swiveling lens that will allow you “to record from just about any angle.” Other features include a built-in USB connection, HDMI output, and microSD card support. There’s no mention of built-in memory, so it looks like you’ll need to supply your own microSD card. The HMX-E10 will also be available in September.

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