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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Is Damon Lindelof Rewriting Alien Prequel? [Slash Film]


Safari Still Crashing After An Update? [CNET]
Have A Question? Ask Facebook [NYT]
Could This Be The Eve Of The Kindle 3? [Tech Crunch]
LEGO Headphones Are The Instrument For Some Block Rockin’ Beats [Gizmodo]


Disney To Acquire Social Game Developer Playdom [LA Times]
You Play Video Games Like A Cyclops [Kotaku]
Guillermo Del Toro Working On Several Games With A “Big Company” [Joystiq]


Millennium Falcon Guitar: It’s For Sale [Urlesque]
The Best Of #Wookieleaks [Buzzfeed]
Watch A Flamethrower And A Fire Extinguisher Battle In Slow Motion [The Daily What]
Why The New Nikita Kicks More Ass Than The Others [The Hollywood Reporter]


Russell Crowe Will Play The Narrator In The New Ben-Hur, Makes This Face [Best Week Ever]
CBS Quietly Admits The Shit My Dad Says Pilot Was Shit [Gawker]
Big Bang Theory Renegotiations: Nowhere Near Deal [Deadline]
New DC Universe Online Trailer Asks You To Trust Lex Luthor [MTV Splash Page]


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