Exactly What Alien Movie Is Damon Lindelof Writing?

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So, Lost‘s Damon Lindelof has signed on to rewrite the much-discussed Ridley Scott prequel to Alien – unless, of course, his script is so awesome that it becomes another movie altogether. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that discussions between Lindelof and Scott about the Alien prequel rewrite were so productive that Lindelof’s script may end up forming the basis of a separate movie, depending on the final script – but will that script be another Alien movie, or something altogether different?

Scott said last month that the upcoming prequel was not the only Alien movie he was considering:

I sat thinking about the franchise which died on the road way back and lying in the dust and I thought, ‘What I should do is go back. . .’ There was a massive giant lying in a chair [in the first movie] and the chair was either a form of engine or some piece of technology . . . and we’re going to go back [and ask]: ‘Who the hell is the space jockey?’ What we’re going to try to do is squeeze in two prequels… if you explain who he was and where did he come from… then you may want to find out where they came from, you might want to go to him and go to the place where his people come from.

Will Lindelof’s script for the basis of the second prequel? And if so, what does he have in mind for the civilization of the space jockey, and will it be enough to impress Lost fans who may not have thought Cowboys & Aliens or Star Trek were suitable follow-ups to his island drama?

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