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Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

How Did William Shatner Interview A D.C. Sniper? He asked. [NYT]


Has Apple Forgotten About Its Remote App? [Gizmodo]
Why Do People Want The Kindle To Be The iPad? They’re Two Different Products For A Reason [Crunch Gear]
How Fast Can A Cloud Run? [NYT]
iPhone 4: Pocket Porn Device? [NewsFeed]


Civilization Box Art Through The Ages [Geekosystem]
The 3D Gaming Revolution [Telegraph]
Everything We Know About The Next StarCraft Game [Kotaku]
Video Game Group Spent $1.1 Million Lobbying In 2Q [The AP]


The Sex Files Still Looks More Like The X-Files Than The X-Files [Topless Robot]
This Is Why Facebook Should Ban Parents [Best Week Ever]
Who Should Play The Punisher For Marvel Studios? [MTV Splash Page]
Slo-Mo Of The Day: Exploding Soda Bottle [The Daily What]
Will Hans Zimmer’s Piaf-Inspired Inception Score Be Eligible For An Oscar? [NY Mag]


LOST Writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach To Adapt Dead@17 [MTV Splash Page]
Guillermo Del Toro To Direct At The Mountains Of Madness With James Cameron Producing [Slash Film]
J.J. Abrams Producing Period Robot Movie Boilerplate [The Hollywood Reporter]
Tron: Legacy Star Jeff Bridges Explains How He Plays His Younger Self [MTV]


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