Stabby Chic: Pocket Knife Earrings Look Sharp

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The year was 2004. My wife and I had just started dating when she told me—on Valentine’s Day, no less—that the gold hoop in my left earlobe looked “pretty stupid.” I took it out, placed it in my pocket, and never wore it again.

My how that night would have been different if I’d been wearing a fully functional pocket knife earring. “That earring looks awesome, Doug,” she would have said, “Thanks, I know!” would have been my response. “Can I peel that apple for you? It’s no trouble at all.”

Anyhoo, an enterprising designer over at has created the REAL Working Sharp Tiny Folding Knife Earrings and has made them available for $40 a pair, which we can all agree is totally worth it whether you have your ears pierced or not. According to the listing:

“They measure 7/8 inch closed (1 inch with the loop, and 1 5/8 from top of the earwire to bottom of the knife) and the blade is about 9/16 inch and sharp and has a notch on the blade just like the full-sized pocket knives to open easily. The blade and handle are stainless and it is stamped on one side with the knife company logo.”

Also available in necklace form for $22.99 if that’s more your style.

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