The Chunky, Scratchy Worlds Of Ashley Wood

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Pretty girls and science fiction: That’s what artist Ashley Wood specializes in, and it’s worked out pretty well for him; with his work appearing in gallery shows, artbooks, comics, toys and now movies – His Lore has just been optioned for a movie, and his World War Robot ended up in a similar state last year – Wood has managed to become his own multimedia empire. And why not? His chunky, scratchy style is eyecatching, contemporary and miles away from cliched airbrushed images of what genre art “should” look like. Much like Kent Williams, Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz – fellow artists that cross the “fine art”/comic divide, and with whom Wood shares stylistic similarities, especially Williams – Wood manages to make the strange and unusual look look both awesome and full of awe again. Long may his success continue.

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