DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Gets More Features, iPad Streaming

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DirecTV subscribers, I envy you. Moreso this year than in previous years. Not only can you get the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which grants you access to live coverage of almost every NFL game, but this year you’ll also get all the extra stuff you had to pay an additional $99 for in previous years.

DirecTV is now offering its $300 NFL Sunday Ticket package with all games in high-definition, access to the Game Mix channel which allows you to watch eight games at once in a grid, the NFL Red Zone channel that shows scoring from each game as it happens, and 30-minute commercial-free replays of every game available Sunday through Tuesday nights.

You previously had to pay an additional $99 on top of the $300 package cost to get all these extras. I’m guessing they noticed that not nearly as many people have $400 worth of disposable income to spend on watching football any more (maybe not even $300). And charging for HD channels is lame.

DirecTV has also launched a new mobile version of its NFL Sunday Ticket package called NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go, which promises live game streaming on iPhone, iPad, “select Android, Blackberry smartphone and Windows Mobile devices,” and Palm Pre handsets.

That’ll set you back an additional $49.95. You’ll get access to live game streams in HD on your computer, as well, along with the ability to watch four games at once in a custom “Create-Your-Own Mix Channel.”

Even though the “To-Go” stuff is all web-based, you still have to be a DirecTV subscriber to access any of it.

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